Using our Report Distribution feature, you are able to directly send classroom reports to all parents associated with your students, saving valuable time and paper! To begin, access “Reporting” within your classroom. Scroll down to “Bulk Reporting” and find the “New Report Distribution” tab. Select the desired classroom, Report Type and Academic Period and click “Send Report.”

Report Cards, Progress Reports, and Subject Summary Reports will send a report that includes grades from all classes and subjects the student is enrolled in.

The Missing Assignment report will only include missing assignments from within the classroom that the report is being sent.

Note: The report will be sent from with your name as the sender, with a reply-to address of your email (the user sending the report). 

You will be automatically directed to the “Past Distributions” tab once you have sent the report. Here, you will see a list of all past distributions that have been sent for this class. This will show who sent the distribution, the report type, and overall status, which will include the number of reports that were successfully sent.  You can click on any distribution to see specific parent’s statuses.

The parents will receive an email prompting them to open a link, which will open a page in their browser with the sent report. There are many status updates provided throughout the report retrieval process allowing you to verify which parent(s) viewed the report and when. Keep reading to discover what all the statuses mean, and how to troubleshoot any failed attempts. 

  • Pending:The email is waiting to be sent from Beehively’s email server
  • Sent: The email has been sent and is in route to the recipient’s email server such as Gmail or Yahoo.  Sometimes a status will show Sent if the parent is unsubscribed from classroom emails
  • Delivered: The email is in the inbox of the parent
  • Dropped (aka bounced): After multiple attempts, the email was rejected by recipient. We recommend contacting the user in this case
  • Opened:The parent opened the email
  • Clicked:The parent clicked the link to the report, this does not necessarily mean that the report was accessed
  • Downloaded: The page was accessed, and the report was downloaded and shown on the parent’s screen
  • Confirmed: The parent checked they have seen the report and submitted approval.  This is the final step.

Once your distribution is complete, you can revisit the “Past Distributions” tab anytime to view what you have sent throughout the year. If you do not see this option provided at your school and would like to try out this feature, please contact us and we can enable it for your school!