Love Google Classroom? Beehively allows you to sync assignment grades from Google Classroom to Beehively, so you can use everything you love about Google Classroom while still using Beehively’s robust reporting and SIS functionality.

Note: The Google Classroom/Beehively sync is one way. Data entered in a linked Google Classroom is synchronized to its corresponding Beehively subject. If you change things in Beehively, those changes will not be reflected in Google Classroom.

Step 1: Getting Set Up

To start using Google Classroom Sync, your school’s GSuite account will need to be linked to Beehively. If you are an administrator, you can confirm this is set up by checking the School Profile page. If you see your GSuite domain under the GSuite section, you’re good to go!

You can also check if this is set up by looking for the Google G logo next to any user’s profile picture. If you see the Google G logo in the corner of the profile pictures of users that have GSuite email addresses, then you have GSuite set up for your school! If you don’t see these indicators, please contact Beehively support so we can set that up for you.

Step 2: Verifying GSuite Email Addresses

In order to use Google Classroom Sync, all of the students in the subject and the primary teacher of the subject looking to set up Google Classroom Sync need to have GSuite email addresses associated with their Beehively accounts. Again, If you see the Google G logo in the corner of the profile pictures of these users, you’re good to go. If you don’t, you can add the user’s GSuite email address in the People section under the Email field.

Note: Users use the email address under their Email field to log in (whether using a password or Google Single Sign-on), so if you change this field from something else please note that the user will need to use the new address to log in in the future.

If you aren’t sure how to do this step please contact Beehively support and we will make sure your students all have their correct GSuite email addresses associated with their Beehively accounts.

Step 3: Enabling Sync

Once everything is set up, you will start to see a new section with a checkbox in the Subject Edit screen in the Gradebook. This section will be at the top of the page and be labeled “Auto Sync will setup new classroom in Google Classroom for this subject”. If you do not see this section, it may be restricted based on your School Profile settings, or because your GSuite is not properly linked (see Step 1).

This checkbox will set up a new Google Classroom associated with the teacher who is marked as the Primary Teacher of the subject. Once that is complete, you are free to start using the Google Classroom as you normally would. When you return assignments, that data is pulled in to the associated Beehively subject and can be viewed as you would any other assignment in Beehively. 

Note: If you would like to link an existing Google Classroom to a Beehively subject, please contact Beehively support as this currently needs to be done from our side. We would be happy to get that set up for you!

Step 4: Viewing Sync Logs and Troubleshooting

Now that you have successfully linked your Beehively subject to Google Classroom, there is an easy way to verify that everything is working properly. In the Gradebook, when viewing the linked subject, you will now see a new button labeled Auto sync is ON with a Google Classroom icon. 

This button will show a popup that allows you to force the subject to sync to the most current data available from Google Classroom, and also view sync logs. If there are any issues with a particular student or any other errors arise, you will be able to see what’s going on from the Logs view.

If you have any questions or would like assistance setting up Google Classroom Sync, Beehively is here to help you! We would love to assist you in getting this set up for your entire school. Please contact Beehively support to speak to our Support team today!