To override grades, go to the subject's Gradebook. On the Gradebook page, there are two ways to override grades. You can:

  1. Override a grade for a single student

  2. From the gradebook overview screen, bulk override the grades of all students for a particular subject.

Override for a Single Student

  1. Go to your subject's Gradebook and click on the name of the student.
  2. As soon as you click on the student’s name, you can see the table and boxes to override the grade and percentage.

  3. After overriding the Grades, you can see the blue circled arrow which represents the grades are overridden. You can move to the next student by clicking on the arrow you can see in the screenshot below.

Bulk Override from the Gradebook Overview Screen

  1. In your Classroom's gradebook, click the Overview button.

  2. All subjects and skills in this classroom are shown in the left sidebar and students are listed as columns. You can individually override grades by clicking the cell corresponding to each student OR override for all students using the bulk edit button.

  3. You can also filter per subject and override grades accordingly. Filter out subjects by using the Filter dropdown menu.

    See the example in the screenshot below.