Announcements are an easy and effective way to communicate with students and parents in your school or in individual classes or groups. Announcements are distributed via email to all members in the school or group who have a valid email address and are not marked as unsubscribed. Once you’ve sent an announcement you can check the receipt of the announcement via that announcement’s Dashboard.

To send an announcement, navigate to the page of the group that you want to send the message to (or to the homepage). Click the white box that says New Post and type your message. To send a quick announcement, simply start typing! You can add a subject line, attachments, emojis, insert images/videos, and customize formatting with all of the buttons at the bottom of the editing box. Your work in progress is automatically saved as a draft every so often and can be accessed from the Pending tab of the group you are writing the Announcement in.

When you’re ready, hit Next. From here you can Preview what your announcement will look like in the mobile app, on a tablet, on a desktop, or send a test email to yourself.  If you want the announcement to post to your group page but don’t want to send an email to everyone in the group, click the three dots next to Publish and uncheck the box that says Notify by Email. Or, you can specify a certain person type/role that you want to be notified. Also from this menu you can choose to schedule the announcement to post at a later date or select an announcement template to use. For more about announcement templates, click here.

Once everything looks good, hit Publish to send out the announcement. An email containing this announcement will automatically be sent to parents and students. For school wide announcements, the email is sent to everyone in the school whereas for group announcements an email is only sent to members of the group. After sending, the announcement will also show up on the homepage of the group that you sent it to.

Note: If you delete an attachment from an announcement, the link to that attachment will still show in distributed emails. In this case, the link will redirect to the announcement in Beehively so users can still follow the link to access the most up-to-date version of the announcement content.