What is the Distance Learning Attendance Feature?

The Distance Learning Attendance feature is built to meet the needs of the remote teaching and learning climate that we have transitioned into. This feature allows parents to submit their children’s attendance while they are studying from home. Once parents submit their attendance, it will appear on the teacher's attendance page. The teacher retains the ability to make final adjustments should they be required.

Note: There is a cut off time for submitting the attendance. Your school administrator or teacher will let you know this cut off time. Attendance can’t be submitted after this cut off time.

Step 1) Submit Attendance Page

To submit your child’s attendance, please use: 

Actions > Submit Attendance

Step 2) Marking Attendance 

Once Submit Attendance has been clicked, it will redirect parents to the attendance page. Here, children can be marked present or absent, and an optional note to the teachers can be added. Take care to ensure that the Submit Attendance button is pressed before closing the page