No matter how you are learning or where you are, the Today Page allows students, parents, and teachers to easily keep track of their online meeting links and times. This page automatically organizes your school day, creating a place where you can easily access all of your class meetings, events, and upcoming homework. Below is an example of a student's Today page.

You can navigate to past and future days by clicking on the arrows in the top left corner. The date in the top right corner indicates which day you are viewing. You can easily return to your view for the current date by clicking the Today button next to the arrows.

To join a meeting, click on the Join Meeting button on the event card for the meeting you want to join. This button will take you to your Beehively Meet, Zoom, or Google Meet meeting without the need to keep track of a link. Five minutes before the class meeting, the Join Meeting button for that event will turn red, indicating that it is time to join the classroom. At all other times, this button is still functional but appears greyed out so that you can easily see what events you have coming up.

Your meetings will also show any resources or event descriptions that your teacher added for your class events. This way, you don't have to waste any time navigating back and forth from your class page and Today Page.

If your are a parent with multiple students, all of their class meetings will be consolidated onto your Today Page.