Beehively has created a new scheduling system to help schools transitioning to distance learning models easily organize and manage their students. With this tool, teachers, parents, and students will always know where they need to be at what time.

Setting Up Timetables

The first step in setting up a schoolwide schedule is to create a weekly timetable (or bell schedule) for your school that dictates the number of periods your school has the time each of them begins and ends. To do this, go to Administration, then to School Settings. Next, under Set Up, select Timetables. From this page, you can click Add New to create a new timetable, name it, and specify which days it applies to. You can also add and rename new periods, specify their times, and choose whether courses can be scheduled for that period or not (this allows you to specify breaks and passing periods).

Setting Up Student Cohorts

Student Cohorts allow you to designate groups of students within your school to either learn from home or in-person during each period, or for ad-hoc events. To set up student cohorts go to Administration, then to School Settings. Next, under Set Up, select Student Cohorts

From here, select Manage Cohorts where you can specify the number of cohorts you want and rename them for your school.

Subject Scheduling

From the course edit screen, if you navigate to Schedule, you can assign a subject within your classroom to a period from your previously created timetable for the school. You can also attach a Beehively Meeting or an external meeting to each subject that students can easily join from their Today Page. If you created cohorts, you can specify whether each cohort will be learning from home or at school for that subject on each day. 

For more information, see our article on this here.